dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Infographic: Companies Are Finally Waking Up To Online Collaboration

Office correspondence has been running on the e-mail backbone for quite some time. Thanks to the simplicity of the system & privacy of selective recipients, e-mail  has pushed its usage to the top of other forms of communication. In fact, colleagues now routinely rely on e-mail & not verbal phone conversation. While this may be a welcome practice as it entitles a proof of communication, such habits are piling on data on the companies’ servers.

A recent report by McKinsey Research firm reveals employees routinely spend 28 hours per week composing or replying to email communication. For many companies that’s a large amount of time share. Additionally, this e-mail load on the infrastructure is increasing at a rate of 20% per annum. At such a rate, companies will soon have to add data centers just to take up the load of saving & retrieving office correspondence.

Is there a better & economical solution? It is inevitable that companies offer the simplest & most efficient collaboration tools for its remote working teams. Hence they seem to have realized that it might just be better to have an online or even better, a social collaboration tool that seamlessly connects many individuals through an intricate backend network. Companies now routinely approach system optimization specialists with request to offer products for reducing overheads and connecting remote working teams.

An Infographic by Clinked a UK based business collaboration start-up which reveals just how enthusiastic large companies are about their endeavors & what are their specific needs:

The need has arrived, but there’s apparently no urgency: Nearly 90% of the companies felt that though online collaboration is a definite need, the same will become the norm until 2-3 years in the future. But slightly more than half have weighed the options & feel the immediate need for an effective solution to end the email regime.

Does online or social collaboration even work? Thankfully almost all of the companies who have taken the plunge are glad that they did as a whopping 97% of them reported rise in their abilities to service their clients. In terms of exact numbers around 13% of the companies truly felt they have enhanced their productivity after ditching traditional methods for online collaboration.

What’s the rush? More than 7 out of 10 internet users routinely use Social Networks to connect, collaborate & share information.  Thus the target audience, of many tech companies, is already where it needs to be. If these individuals are not catered to via online collaborative tools the companies are losing 25-30% productivity.

While more than 95% of business executives have realized that using archaic communication tools is the reason for increased work-place failures, not many have begun to decisively take proactive steps. Perhaps it is time for companies like Clinked to step-up their marketing efforts to highlight the obvious advantages of adopting newer tolls of collaboration. Looks like the era of these cloud-based tools will alter the way businesses work & interact. What do you think?

#Infographie : les entreprises s'ouvrent enfin à la collaboration en ligne #E20

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